The GP Update Handbook online

The online handbook is published by GP Update Limited.

The GP Update Handbook outlines the results of the most important research relevant to primary care over the last 5 years. The Handbook is a valuable resource document for current needs and future reference.

Being mindful of busy GPs, it is structured in such a way that you can easily see the important points without having to read the whole text. For example you can just read the 'take home messages' which are summarised for each article.

The site content is protected by copyright, however, once you have become a member you are free to use it to update your practice guidelines on the conditions that they are dated and the source is given as 'The GP Update Handbook -'.


The GP Update Course is delivered by GP Update Limited and is now the only one of its type to be completely free from pharmaceutical company sponsorship. This means that you can be totally reassured that there will be no biasing of the information presented to you and that there will be no reps there on the day!


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